Lucy Aspinall Double Dot Squash Athlete

Lucy Aspinall

Club: Browns Bay Racquets Club

Height: 135cm

Favourite Shot: Boast

Current Grade: B2

Fastest 20 consecutive court sprints: 58secs

Most consecutive pushups: 33

Longest pronehold: 3:58mins

Most Consecutive Figure of 8 Volleys: 9

Current Double Dot Squash Level: Academy


  • 2020 Squash NZ Junior Development Squad Member.

  • 2020 Squash Auckland Junior Quadrangular Squad Member.

  • 2019 January Double Dot Squash Athlete of the Month.

  • New Zealand #13 for Under 15 Girls. Featured 2019.

  • New Zealand #6 for Under 13 Girls. Featured 2019.

  • 2019 Browns Bay Club Championships Runner Up.

  • 2019 AIMS Games Intermediate Schools Fourth Place Finish.

  • 2019 Auckland Intermediate Schools Teams Champion.

  • Auckland #4 for Under 15 Girls. Featured 2019.

  • Auckland #1 for Under 13 Girls. Featured 2019.

  • Auckland #3 for Under 13 Girls. Featured 2018.

  • Auckland #6 for Under 13 Girls. Featured in 2017.

  • Auckland #3 for Under 11 Girls. Featured in 2017.


  • Squash NZ Foundation Coach Qualification.

  • Squash NZ Get Started Qualification.

  • Squash NZ Safety Concepts Qualification.

  • Double Dot Squash Assistant Coach Qualification.





Lucy is a Double Dot Squash Assistant Squash Coach based in Auckland, New Zealand. She coaches predominantly at the Browns Bay Racquets Club. She actively trains and competes as a squash player and is a Squash NZ and Double Dot Squash qualified coach. Lucy has coached various Beginner and Intermediate Level Squad programmes and Individual Coaching, as well as being an active participant in Double Dot Squash programmes. Lucy is one of Auckland and the country's top junior girls for her age group.

Lucy enjoys helping juniors to improve their squash and coaches juniors at the Beginner and Intermediate Levels. She is great with kids of all ages and communicates with athletes effectively to help them achieve great improvement in their squash skills. In her own squash Lucy displays exceptional techniques and fundamental skills which has allowed her to have a strong base to build her game upon and achieve great success. Lucy also has a deep understanding of the tactical side of squash and efficient movement around the squash court. Lucy shares this with her athletes to help them achieve success and build well developed attributes in all areas of their squash. Lucy attends her own Double Dot Squash coaching and training multiple times every week with her coach Jarrod van Driel, and has been a part of the Double Dot Squash programme for many years and has an excellent understanding of our programme, methods, and values.

Lucy coaches under our approach of evolving total body movement and the mind, which has helped her to coach her athletes to achieve great improvement and success.