Double Dot Squash


Our coaching method is evolving total body movement and the mind to help all athletes achieve their individualised goals and achieve the best possible success, all while enjoying the game of squash.

Our Core Values

Jarrod van Driel

Double Dot Squash Director

"Our methods, core values, and programme structures provide athletes of all levels the best possible squash experience.


Our core values of Attitude, Enjoyment, and Work Ethic are the foundation for everything we do.

Our coaching method of evolving total body movement and the mind has been thoroughly tested over many years with a large range of athletes and has been refined over time to allow us to deliver the best coaching.

Our programme consists of the three elements: Learn, Train, and Compete. These three elements are all essential for athletes of all levels wanting to improve and reach a higher level.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our locations soon, and introducing you to Double Dot Squash!"




Our Programme Structure


Our programme consists of three elements. Learn, Train, and Compete.

Any athlete that wants to achieve the best level of success in their squash needs to be participating in activities in all of these three areas as each provides a different way of learning and improving, and each element being crucial in any athlete improving right through to those performing at the top level.


Individual Coaching. Learning and evolving proper techniques, movement, and the mind customised for the individual.


Group squad training. Practicing and refining skills, sequences, strategies, tactics, condition games, matchplay, and putting what you have learnt in your Individual Coaching into practice.


Various tournaments and competition options are available to put everything you have learnt and trained into action.


"Double Dot Squash coaching has improved my squash skills amazingly over the last year with the correct movement, the correct swing, and making sure I am as fit as I can be for the squash season. Coaching with Double Dot Squash has developed me into a better player in a short amount of time, and has helped me develop my mindset on and off the court."

— Ross Jowsey, Double Dot Squash Academy Athlete