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Tinne Gilis vs. Georgina Kennedy - A Thrilling Battle of Squash at the British Open PSA Round 3.

British Open Squash Georgina Kennedy

The British Open PSA Round 3 match held in Birmingham, UK, was nothing short of electrifying as two of the world's top women's squash players, Tinne Gilis and Georgina Kennedy, went head-to-head in an intense match. The game kept fans on the edge of their seats, spanning 72 gruelling minutes, with Kennedy emerging the victor by an incredibly close margin, 3-2.

The first game saw a spectacular back and forth as both players traded rally after rally. Gilis and Kennedy both started off hitting loose as Kennedy made errors in the front of the court. However, toward the end, Gilis capitalised drop errors from Kennedy and took a late two point lead, but Kennedy managed to turn it around to win in the first game, 15-13 in 19 minutes.

In the second game, the competition remained fierce as Gilis seemed to struggle with a possible injury that was delaying her movement. Yet, her determination shone through, resulting in a narrow victory for Kennedy, 11-9 in 11 minutes.

The tide began to turn in the third game as Gilis gained momentum with a series of spectacular drop shot winners. Preferring to play short balls, Kennedy's inaccurate drops and boasts gave Gilis an opportunity to display her strengths, securing a significant lead and ultimately triumphing, 11-3 in 8 minutes.

The fourth game saw a confident and positive Gilis maintain her accurate play as Kennedy struggled to find her footing. Georgina's tendency to play short balls worked against her, allowing Gilis to show off her soft hands and impeccable technique, resulting in another win, 11-5 in 12 minutes.

However, Kennedy displayed incredible resilience and, with an early 5-point lead in the final game, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. Fans held their breath as Gilis gradually closed the gap, but Kennedy demonstrated fantastic control and determination, finishing strong with an 11-6, 13 minute victory, propelling her into the Quarterfinals.

In their previous match, the two stars had also treated the crowd to a nail-biting 3-2 game, proving their competitiveness and evenly matched skill sets. As Georgina Kennedy progresses to the next round of the tournament, her confidence to face future matches will undoubtedly increase. Gilis, with her never-say-die attitude and pinpoint technique, will be back into training ready for the next battle.

This exceptional match showcased the immense talent, athleticism and endurance of these top squash players. Both Gilis and Kennedy mesmerised the audience with their remarkable performance. Their ongoing rivalry on the court promises enthralling matches in the future!

British Open Squash Tinne Gilis


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