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Double Dot Squash Partners with SportyHQ

We are excited to announce our official partnership with SportyHQ New Zealand. SportyHQ is a web-based sports competition and membership platform suitable for all sports. SportyHQ also provides a platform for member management, court bookings, websites, rankings, leagues, and lots more. Any organisation or club in NZ can subscribe to SportyHQ and access their full range of services. Partnering with SportyHQ will help us to provide some of the most digitally advanced tournaments in New Zealand, and of course the most fun! All Double Dot Squash run tournaments will feature digital scoring, live scores, live updating draws, live court schedules, and lots of other elements, making the tournaments easy for us to manage and run, and more fun for the players!

Please follow the SportyHQ New Zealand pages:

Facebook: SportyHQ New Zealand

Instagram: @sportyhqnz

"We are excited to start this new partnership with SportyHQ. SportyHQ is an international company that is providing the most advanced software for clubs and organisations. SportyHQ is already utilised by some of the national squash organisations around the world including Squash Australia and Squash Scotland. We will be using SportyHQ for all of our tournaments which will help us to provide the best tournament experiences for the players. We have been using SportyHQ for our tournaments for a few months now, and it is making them easy to manage for us and the players, and all the players love the digital features of the tournaments. People at home can also follow the live scoring action online and see how all the players are going, live. We look forward to following SportyHQ's continual updates and additions to their software and introducing these to squash players in New Zealand. If you want to set up SportyHQ at your club, have any questions about the system, or how we've run our digital tournaments, please get in touch." says Double Dot Squash Director Jarrod van Driel.

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