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Double Dot Squash Coach named Central Auckland Squad Coach

Double Dot Squash Director and Head Coach Jarrod van Driel has been named as the lead coach for the 2018 Squash Auckland Central Region Junior Squads.

There will be a free open muster for all juniors aged 16 years or younger on Saturday 17th February at the Royal Oak Racquets Club. The muster for juniors 12 years and under will be from 12-2.30pm and the muster for juniors 13 to 16 years will be from 3-5.30pm. Juniors of any level that are interested in joining on the Regional Junior Squads during 2018 should attend the muster.

Throughout the season the Regional Squads will have six training camps on Saturday afternoons, and at the end of the season on November 10th there will be a Regional Tournament so players can test their progress while representing their region.

"I am excited for the opportunity to lead the Central Auckland Squads this year. I look forward to continuing to work with juniors I already coach in this squad training environment, and also meeting juniors that I have not coached before and helping them to develop their squash as well. The Central Auckland Squads training sessions will have a set schedule to provide the best coaching to the players in the six meetings throughout the year. The end of season Regional Tournament will be a fun event to conclude the Squash Auckland Squad season, and hopefully with Central Auckland claiming the win!" says Double Dot Squash Director and Head Coach Jarrod van Driel.

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