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Mason Smales signs with Double Dot Squash

We are excited to announce our new Double Dot Squash Ambassador/Sponsored Athlete Mason Smales. Mason's first event representing Double Dot Squash as an Ambassador is this weekend at the Henderson Open Tournament.

Mason is a member of the Henderson Squash Club and has achieved great success in his squash. He has ranked at number one in New Zealand for Under 11s, and in 2017 Under 13s. In 2016 Mason won the New Zealand Junior Championships Under 13 Title. Mason plays at the Henderson Squash Club and competes in tournaments most weekends.

"We are excited to welcome Mason to the Double Dot Squash Team. Mason loves the game of squash and actively participates in club activities and regional and national squads. He currently leads the Double Dot Squash Athletic Testing Rankings for Figure of 8's and Push Ups and is always trying to improve himself as an athlete. He is dedicated to his improvement and development in squash. We look forward to supporting him to continue his success. Mason is also coaching as an Assistant Coach at some of our Double Dot Squash coaching programmes and helping to inspire younger players to continue to play squash and enjoy it. Mason has chosen to play with the Salming Fusione Pro Squash Racquet and Salming Race X Shoes." says Double Dot Squash Director and new Henderson Squash Coach Jarrod van Driel.

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