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Mason Smales moves into B1

Double Dot Squash Ambassador Mason Smales has had a great start to the 2018 season so far! He has competed in numerous tournaments with great results and has moved up to B1. He competed for Squash Aucklandin the Quadrangular Competition winning all of his matches and helping the Auckland team towards their victory for the ninth year in a row. Mason is also working hard on his training and fitness in between tournaments to ensure his continued improvement. He trains several times a week including solo sessions by himself on court to practice in a focused environment. He does running and gym work every week to ensure that he is always on the top of his game and being in the best possible condition for his competitive matches. He joins the weekly Double Dot Squash Junior Club Night at the Henderson Squash Club to practice his skills and rally building in a group situation, while having fun with his fellow Henderson junior members.

Follow Mason's squash journey through our website blog and social media accounts.

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