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Top 5 Benefits From Figure of 8 Volleying

Figure of 8 Volleys is not just a fun drill to pass the time. If done right it can help you to improve several aspects of your squash game. These skills will help you to improve your control and power, and get the edge over your opponent!

The Benefits:

1. Develops Swing Control

This will help you to play more consistent shots and create flow in your game. Fundamental techniques form the base for your squash game to develop on top of.

2. Develops Ball Control

This will help you to get the ball where you want it to go! You will get a feel for the outcomes of hitting the ball at different heights and weight of shot.

3. Develops Racquet Head Speed

This will help you to react faster and be able to take more balls early and on the volley to put more pressure onto your opponent. It will also help improve your ability to generate more speed behind the ball and hit it at a faster pace.

4. Builds Rotation of the Core

Due to the nature of the fast paced game of squash it is important to develop a strong core. There are lots of twisting and turning movements in squash and a strong core will help you to improve your movement around the court and return more balls. When playing a shot you want to rotate from your core to provide power behind the shot and create a transfer of weight through the swing, then back to the T.

5. Learn to Adjust Under Pressure

In a game of squash no shot is ever the same. This makes it important that you can adjust your swing and positioning when under pressure to be able to return your opponent's shot.



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